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Core Values

  • Global Respect

We press for free and open discourse, exploration, creative expression and the rights of others.

  • Global Leadership

We are committed to a solid business acumen combined with a powerful understanding of global affairs, cultures and languages. We also promote to the highest ethical standards and building sustainable value worldwide.

  • Global Entrepreneurship

We are committed to visionary leader who have passion for creating new enterprises across the globe and promoting cultural exchanges as a method for true entrepreneur to reach their goals.

  • Global Responsibility

We welcome our responsibility to society to lead, nurture and sustain the transfer of knowledge for a common global civilization.

  • Global Learning

We support all global citizens in the challenging and rewarding life-long process of learning.

  • Global Freedom

We foster intellectual freedom that supports inquiry and respects the right to differ. We engage in excellence, approaching it through diligent effort, both individually and collectively.

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