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Business Breakfast workshops are back at UAC School of Global Management in North Miami, FL!

Monday, 21 July 2014 08:31 Categoria: News
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If you are an early riser and committed to improving yourself, your business and your staff. UAC is the place to be!This morning, Friday, July 11th a group of business men and women gathered to enjoy some breakfast treats and network with other businesses in our community.

The highlight of this mornings' workshop was our guest speaker, Jan Wild, President & CEO of Triton 'Empowering Sales Teams' organization. Mr. Wild spoke about high performance leadership. More specifically he delivered a message on Control Versus Empowerment:

Leaders have the power to make things happen and influence organizations.
Leaders provide vision, inspiration and direction.
Leaders create the infrastructure-processes, systems and structure for a successful organization.
Controls vs. Empowerment – Controllers impose external control on subordinates, such as micro-managing. Empowerers create an environment of motivation and commitment, such as team brainstorming and feedback.

6 Principles of Empowering Leadership:

Leaders must a driving passion to realize their vision.
Leaders build and sustain trust.
Leaders are egoless and humble.
Leaders inspire the commitment and motivation of their followers.
Leaders and organizational and social architects.
Leaders drive situations, they do not allow the situation to drive them.