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UAC: Planning for the Future

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 08:33 Categoria: News
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Community members, instructors, staff and current students met this past Wednesday, March 4th 2015 to discuss the graduate program and UAC's future endeavors.

UAC School of Global Management believes that providing students, graduates, instructors and members of our community the opportunity to be part of the university's growth is a fundamental strategy for success. This type of involvement is crucial in order to strengthen the relationship with the students, instructors and the members of our community.

Every semester UAC conducts a PAC Meeting. (Program Advisory Committee). On this meeting we discuss the current programs and how the institution can make improvements to them. The meeting held last Wednesday March 4th had 8 participants and it extended for around two hours. The members of the team shared great interest in providing their perspective, ideas and knowledge. The meeting started with the attendants introducing themselves to the members of the committee. The current students shared some of the aspects that they enjoy the most of UAC like the small classes and the passion that instructors have when teaching their courses. As part of the topics discussed, the members talked about the Capstone Project course. This is an important component of the Masters of Arts in Management. Improving the Capstone Project requires an understanding of the current trends and demands within the business world.

Instructors shared how their experience at UAC has provided them great professional satisfaction. Professor Lacelle Sweetland shared that what he like the most UAC is that it provides him with the opportunity to learn from his students. He explained that within his line of work, he does business with Latin America. Considering that the majority of the student population is from Latin America it provides him with great insight and a variety of perspectives from the students. Also, Dr. Laura Bonitto mentioned that working for UAC was a great experience for her. According to Dr. Bonitto, UAC provided her the opportunity to be herself as an instructor. Additionally Mr. Juan C. Zuniga (Community member) shared based on his business experience that it is important to teach our students how to deal with failure. A lot of programs just focus on the theoretical aspects. Teaching students life skills is quite important, considering how business have been influence by the global market.

The meeting was a great success for UAC. It provided the institution with a great deal of information that will provide a framework to better our programs. UAC acknowledges that one of the most important achievements gained from this meeting was the active participation and enthusiasm of our UAC community. These are important components that will solidify our relationship with our instructors, the community and more importantly our students.

By: Ramiro Zapata, Vivian Torres


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