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“The imaginary that dominates contemporary society is fear”: Armando Silva

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 15:24 Categoria: News
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The philosopher, writer and semiotician, Armando Silva, expert on the subject of urban imaginaries, was part of the second day of the forum 'Pensando el Siglo XXI' (Thinking of XXI Century), in the discussion 'Imaginarios culturales y nuevas narrativas urbanas' (Cultural imagery and new urban narratives), sharing space with the journalist Juanita León to analyze and discuss about the imaginaries that Colombian´s have in the contemporary society.

Silva was very emphatic in stating that the imaginary of contemporary society is dominated by feelings and said that "fear is a construction of an imaginary that is taking over the Colombians."
The discussion, moderated by Harold Ballesteros, professor of the 'Universidad Autónoma del Caribe' also mentioned the current reality of symbology, where a particular situation is taking place because "society is living under an imaginary of security, which in many cases is different from the reality of life, "said Armando Silva.

At the end of the discussion, the invited lecturers were able to conclude that peace in Colombia produces a collective imaginary of fear. The task of mass media, writers, philosophers and experts on the subject is to deactivate fears generated by the achievement of peace in the collective imaginary of Colombians, this in order to build one in the 'post-conflict' that is closer to reality.

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