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"The great revolution of digital is the word sharing": Maria Elvira Bonilla

Thursday, 12 November 2015 16:59 Categoria: News
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In the conference 'Challenges and Risks of Digital Journalism', the Colombian journalist, Maria Elvira Bonilla, creator of the internet portal 'Las 2 Orillas', warned that the existence of citizens active with information are a challenge to journalists, because they are their competitors. This requires communicators a mayor compromise and to be more alert in order to guarantee truthful information.
Formal journalists are no longer the ones who decide what is going to be published and what is or is not a news. Now citizens can inform and do not have to ask someone for permission to report a situation to the public audience.

Bonilla clarified that democratization of information that allows a citizen with new technologies to make public complaints, cannot be called journalism, but 'citizen shouting', that journalists have to later complement and deepen. "We cannot be blind to this, the complementary agenda is determined by citizens and we are facing a new form of journalism that demands greater accuracy."
In terms of the impact and importance of digital media, the journalist indicated that the great strength of digital journalism is that it doesn't require money, it needs a little tool that may vary in types, from a blog up to a great portal. She added that it is only needed a minimum of resources for the technologic tool that turns into an information vehicle, but most importantly talent is needed, and being assertive meeting with the need of people for information.

"New generations of journalists have a wide range of possibilities in the digital world. There is a world of information to tell about and journalists must open their ears to citizens that need to tell about their reality."

In the dialogue with Anuar Saad, Director of the Social Communication and Journalism program, the speaker highlighted that in terms of social networks, all the information that citizens have, proofs communication media and journalists about a real country that demands attention. She also explained that the alliance of professional journalists with citizens must consolidate and be secure because it can produce an impressive world power.

"I firmly believe that the great revolution of digital is the Word: sharing, this variable is absolutely transcendental. That sharing option indicates that not only the person is in front of the text, but has the opportunity of sharing and giving an opinion. This makes that the passive reading of the printed press dies."
María Elvira Bonilla is the director of the portal 'Las 2 Orillas', she studied Philosophy in Andes University, and Literature in New York. She started her journalist career in 'Semana' magazine and has been director of magazines: 'Cambio 16', 'Cromos' and 'El Espectador' newspaper. She was also sub-director of 'Noticiero Nacional' and 'Noticias RCN'.

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