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Dare to Dream

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 11:08 Categoria: News
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The past 23rd of April, UAC School of Global Management hosted a leadership event at its campus titled "Dare to Dream." The event was presented by You Lead Up, a company headed by Cynthia Lopez, with the mission of offering personal growth workshops for teenagers and giving them a physical location where they can meet, interact, and learn. The teenagers are inspired and motivated to dream and to aspire to greatness.

The surprise guest speaker today was Franklin Mejias who has great impact in social media, especially in Facebook because of his inspirational story: Six years ago, Franklin (who is from Venezuela) realized his dream of going to Orlando, Florida for vacation. During this trip, Franklin contracted meningitis and had to be taken to Joe DiMaggio hospital where it was discovered that he had a flesh-eating bacteria that eventually ate his arms and legs. This condition has not stopped Franklin; as a matter of fact, he plays baseball and is a current table tennis champion. He is an inspiration to many and continues his studies in high school where he is a leader who motivates others to take off their limitations and to dream big!

UAC is proud to host events that align with UAC's mission and vision to build future global leaders.

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