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This July 2016, the US Government approved our institution to emit the SEVIS I-20, necessary document to apply to the US student visa.

This is another important step for our institution's growth by having the approval of enrolling international students. For these international students of having the possibility of integrating with US students and obtaining their international titles. This I-20 document can be emitted for the Associate, Bachelor and Masters programs.

Before applying for a student's visa, every student bust be accepted by an approved institution. UAC will provide each applicant the necessary documentation they need in the student visa application process. The F-1 Visa is the most common student visa. If you want to study in the US, it is imperative to do it at an approved institution as the UAC School of Global Management.

The SEVIS is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System which is an internet based system that provides tracking, monitoring and access to updated information about nonimmigrant students. SEVIS allows schools to provide I-20 forms as well as transmitting information through internet to the National Security Department, through the student's time in the US.

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* Obama welcomed the education institution to the Florida State, the opening day of its campus in the city of Doral in Miami

This Thursday, June 9th from Washington-United States, and through a statement, the White House welcomed UAC School of Global Management and its President, Dr. Ramses Vargas Lamadrid, who arrived to the city of Doral in Florida, United States with a commitment to quality in the education sector.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, in the letter, notes that UAC School of Global Management, is the only Colombian university accredited in the United States, to carry out their vision and mission, but above all, the commitment to citizens and residents of this country who want to grow themselves professionally.

Obama also supports and endorses the commitment of UAC School of Global Management, with a view to project the future of youth in the Americas.

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UAC School of Global Management, strategic allied of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla, Colombia, inaugurates this June 9th its new campus in Doral, south of Florida.

Doral is located in the center of the Miami Dade County and is very near to the Broward country, a kilometer and a half form the Miami International Airport (number one in the international transport of products.)

The city is considered by BusinessWeek as the best city in Florida for the creation of business, and according to Forbes is the second best city of the United States to live in. Today it has the presence of 3,000 companies, mostly logistics, import and export of goods.

Thanks to the alliance between both institutions, the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe can offer double degree to the students in Barranquilla of the programs of: Business Administration, Business and Finance, and Industrial Engineering, and to their related programs.

To the inauguration ceremony will assist the United States congressmen Mario Díaz Balart and Carlos Curbelo; the Mayors Carlos Giménez and Luigi Boria; Donald Byrd, representative of the United States Southern Command; a delegate from the senators office, Marco Rubio, the General Consul from Colombia in Miami, Marta Lucía Jaramillo Martínez, and Peru´s General Consul, Cesar Bustamante.

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The past 12th of February, the Hispanic community of South of Florida received at UAC School of Global Management's Campus the visit of Luis Alberto Ambroggio, recognized poet and writer, who presented his book "Hispanic United States"- 'Estados Unidos Hispano', which pays tribute to the contributions of Hispanic culture.

The poet, who has been cataloged as one of the greatest exponents of Hispanic literature in the United States, is President of the North American Language Academy (ANLE), in Washington D.C.

The event hosted by the Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization, the International-Hispanic Poet and Writer Association- Miami and the United Latin American Foundation, closed its agenda with a cocktail.

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