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During the past Sunday 19 students from the last semesters of different programs of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla traveled to United States in an academic mission that has the objective to introduce the students in an international academic experience. This mission called "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" takes place in Miami with the collaboration of the UAC School of Global Management, strategic ally of the Universidad Autónoma del Caribe.

This mission that includes tours through representative city places, visit to colleges, local companies, real estate companies, and others, has also the participation of a first semester student from our Master of Arts in Management program.

This Tuesday the group of students were received by UAC School of Global Management's staff, with a guided tour through campus and orientation by the Marketing and Admissions Coordinator, Jairo Cruz; as well as a welcome speech from the Admissions Director, Rob Caruso and the Dean of Academics, Dr. Laura Bonitto.

The first session of entrepreneurship and innovation in charge of Dr. Lascelle Sweetland was about the 'Business Canvas' model. This model is a strategic management template for the development of new forms of business or in order to document existing ones. It is a visual graphic element that describes the proposed product or company value.

Other of the visits that took place was to the 'Idea Center' building inside the campus of the Miami-Dade College in Downtown Miami. There they continued with the 'Business Canvas' models and practiced 'elevator pitch' exercises with their own business ideas; as well as they boarded digital marketing strategies.

The Missions itinerary also includes visits to the companies: Sofgen, LabMiami, SBA and TWT.

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During the first week of November we had in our UAC School of Global Management, students from International Commerce and Logistic Program of 'Universidad Autónoma del Caribe' Barranquilla, Colombia. This as part of the Academic Missions provided by UAC Miami, in collaboration with UAC Barranquilla, aiming to introduce students to an international academic experience.

This mission called 'Formulation and evaluation of investment projects', consisted of 7 days that included tours in strategic city places, visit to banking companies, visit and tour in the new UAC installations, training and Leadership class given by Dr. Laura Bonitto, and others.

'Structure and management strategies for investment projects', given by teacher Lascelle Sweetland was the first class of the last day of the mission, followed by the class of 'Globalization, new technologies and communication, tools for engineers in the XXI century', given by the teacher Cesar Jaimes that wrapped up the academic day.

Other of the visits were to:

Mass Mutual, traditional investment enterprise, financial planning, life insurance plans and others, and a tour through its Coral Gables office, financial heart of Miami.

Makers: Shoes wholesale company, large importers and exporters, and Hispanic business leaders.

Miami Port Via Tunnel: Citi tour through recently built tunnel that connects under water with Miami Port, Cruises and cargo.

FPL-Fibernet: Leader enterprise, provider of internet services through optical fiber.

TWT: The Worldwide Trade, alternative investments. Scientific investigation enterprise that make commodities predictions through statistics and mathematic algorithms.

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