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This July 2016, the US Government approved our institution to emit the SEVIS I-20, necessary document to apply to the US student visa.

This is another important step for our institution's growth by having the approval of enrolling international students. For these international students of having the possibility of integrating with US students and obtaining their international titles. This I-20 document can be emitted for the Associate, Bachelor and Masters programs.

Before applying for a student's visa, every student bust be accepted by an approved institution. UAC will provide each applicant the necessary documentation they need in the student visa application process. The F-1 Visa is the most common student visa. If you want to study in the US, it is imperative to do it at an approved institution as the UAC School of Global Management.

The SEVIS is the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System which is an internet based system that provides tracking, monitoring and access to updated information about nonimmigrant students. SEVIS allows schools to provide I-20 forms as well as transmitting information through internet to the National Security Department, through the student's time in the US.

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