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Masters of Arts in Management

master management

UAC School of Global Management Master of Arts in Management Degree provides students with the conceptual models and tools necessary to analyze business opportunities and formulate entrepreneurial and managerial strategies. The program has a global and academically driven approach with a rigorously focused synthesis of theoretical concepts with a hands-on approach.

The program would serve as the foundation for those who desire to lead businesses and organizations providing them with different contexts and a clear understanding of global economies. Students are equipped to enter the workforce at entry and management level position in fields such as, but not limited to: healthcare management, accounting and finance, organizational development, human resources, business marketing, executive and office management.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To demonstrate the ability to apply managerial strategies.
  • To detect issues within a corporation and provide assistance in developing high quality solutions.
  • To analyze, prepare, and structure financial reports and projections.
  • To develop and write business plans considering the theoretical concepts and the current tendencies in the business world.
  • To demonstrate the ability to establish business relations with others around the world.
  • To produce strategic reports and intervene when corporations and organizations have issues.
  • To apply managerial skills and strategies that will effectively integrate the different components of a successful business.
  • To demonstrate leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  • To exhibit social commitment to the community with a global approach

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