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Infectious Disease Pre-Cautions & Response Policy

Infectious Disease Pre-Cautions & Response Policy


  • Reduce transmission among employees & students
  • Protecting those at a higher risk for adverse health complications
  • Maintain school operations
  • Minimize adverse effects on others


  • Disease Severity – we will monitor each of our school communities (i.e. number of people who are sick, hospitalization, & death rates)
  • Preparation – we are trying to increase our support staff to include more substitutes.  We welcome any referrals or recommendations from students, alumni, & educators.
  • Distance Learning – we are preparing to continue essential school operations via distance learning as necessary.  We are preparing paperwork for approval to operate programs including distance education on a permanent basis.  We will not be providing any updates until the process is concluded.
  • Cross-training – we are cross-training personnel to perform essential functions so the school can continue to operate in cases of absenteeism.  We are trying to ensure that all educators are aware of curricula calendars & students’ statuses.  We are also trying to ensure that other services related to admissions & financial aid are covered.  We want to minimize interruption to the student experience
  • Empowering employees with authority to take appropriate actions based upon conditions at each campus
  • Coordination with state & local public health officials – to be up-to-date with local timely & accurate information to guide appropriate actions

city, State, & Federal Mandates

  • We continue to follow city, state, & federal mandates

City of Chicago Travel Policy

For more information see https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/emergency-travel-order.html

  • Individuals traveling to a designated state are obligated to self-quarantine for 14-days

Encouraging Sick employees & Students to Stay Home

  • Employees & students who are sick & have respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, & shortness of breath) should remain home for at least 3 days with no fever & symptoms AND 10 days since symptoms first appeared
  • We will not require a health care provider’s note because these provider offices & facilities may be too busy to provide timely documentation. 

Separate Sick Students

  • If an employee or student appears to have acute respiratory illness symptoms (fever, cough, & shortness of breath) upon arrival or during the day, we will separate you & send you home. 

Practice respiratory Etiquette, frequently wash hands

  • We will continue to provide awareness lectures & messages
  • We will continue to post awareness posters
  • We will continue to provide hygiene supplies
  • We will continue to enforce school policies of sanitation & sterilization

Routine Environmental Cleaning

  • We will continue to provide frequent, professional cleaning
  • We will enforce student & employee participation in cleaning frequently touched surfaces & use cleaning agents according to the instructions

Sporadic Importations

  • Employees & students who are well & have a sick family member at home with Covid-19 should notify the admissions office immediately & refer to CDC guidance for how to conduct a risk assessment of their potential exposure
  • Confidentiality is required, yet we will inform employees & students of a possible exposure

3-IQ Infectious Disease Outbreak response Plan

We have implemented our 3-IQ Infectious Outbreak Response Plan

  • Immediate – We want to be immediate to minimize outbreaks
  • Identify – We want to identify only those who may have been exposed by contact or consistently within a few feet of an infected person
  • Isolate – We want to isolate an infected person & those who may have been exposed

Leave of absence

If you feel that you need to be absent from school, due to Covid, for any period of time exceeding 14-days consecutive calendar days, please request a Leave of Absence from

You will be required to substantiate your need in writing & additional documentation depending upon the circumstances.

Policy Awareness

This policy will be posted in the Official School Catalog, Facebook, read to each class on the morning of 07 July 2020, & placed on a bulletin board at each school.